That fucked up smirk both Bill & Melinda Gates give after he says the 2nd wave  will get their attention (at 0:43), is totally telling how much of deranged sociopaths they really are. 

They GIVE ZERO FUCKS about people, their \’philanthropy\’ is merely a cover for their bribery of world & national organizations to pump out vaccines, which in return, make them BILLIONS. 

Anyone who props up this psychotic couple is complicit in Crimes Against Humanity. Bill & Melinda Gates have NO MEDICAL LICENSE, it is CRIMINAL and ILLEGAL for them to promote vaccinations, let alone administer the immunization shots (which their is footage of, do the search, you\’ll find it). They are highhandedly responsible for causing bodily harm & injuries to THOUSANDS of poor innocent souls in India and Africa. 

Keep in mind always, Bill Gates is into Eugenics, and Depopulation. There is absolutely NOTHING benevolent or altruistic about his endeavors. They should be charged and arrested, but we all know, the corrupt establishment benefits from The Gates and their vaccination Big Tech Big Pharma plans.

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