Mandatory vaccinations are legal in Florida law. from u/MorpheuX_MaximuS

I\’m not sure about other states, but mandatory vaccinations are the law in Florida. 

Florida Statutes 381.00315. 
Click here to read it 

Read through the law, and take note of the important points. 

Florida is under a public health emergency. 4) \”Individuals who are unable or unwilling to be examined, tested, vaccinated, or treated for reasons of health, religion, or conscience may be subjected to isolation or quarantine. B) If there is no practical method to isolate or quarantine the individual, the State Health Officer may use any means necessary to vaccinate or treat the individual.\” 

Since this is the law, the police can detain you and quarantine you. They can vaccinate you against your consent. 

Futhermore, click here for EO 20-80 (Executive Order)

Read Section 1D) 
Pursuant to section 381.0012(5), Florida Statutes, \”it shall be the duty of every state and county attorney, sheriff, police officer, and other appropriate city and county officials 2 upon request to assist the [Department of Health]\” in enforcing any isolation or quarantine or order of the Department of Health issued pursuant to this Order. 

The Florida DOH has issued a PHE (Public Health Emergency). 

The state has the ability to vaccinate people. Will they use that power? All I have to say is be ready and be vigilant.

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