Candace Owens is vocal about many issues. I don\’t agree with everything she says here, but she\’s got some serious cojones (that means balls) as a black woman to come out and say she doesn\’t support George Floyd (in case you been living under a rock the last month, he\’s the African America who was killed by a white cop). 

I get her reasoning. But despite Floyd being potentially a totally depraved human being, there\’s absolutely NO EXCUSE to justify any form or type of police brutality against any person of color. 

Yes, I agree, Floyd shouldn\’t be made into a martyr or any kind of symbol of racial injustice. Also, some people online on various platforms are claiming it\’s all a false flag intended to spark demonstrations and riots, fueled by anger and overrun by angry Soros-backed/funded BLM and AntiFa protesters. I wouldn\’t be surprised if that was the case since the whole COVID-19 Coronavirus PLANDEMIC/ SHAMDEMIC/ SCAMDEMIC was getting exposed and Bill Gates & Anthony Fauci are still getting heat from it.

The Ruling Class aka the Rothschild Cabal aka the Globalist Zionist Bankers Crime Syndicate aka the 1% are a bunch of soul-less psychos. Their method of deception is sophisticated, cunning yet cyclical and repetitive. They use decoys, deflection, deceit and divisiveness to push their totalitarian Illuminati Satanic Anti-Christ world order while keep the worldwide populace distracted with race/religious wars and fighting each other over scraps. Most people, sadly, unfortunately fall for the psychological warfare (ie psyops).  

Whatever your stance is on George Floyd, is it all staged and a major False Flag (like the COVID-19 plandemic), is it all intended to destabilize the country and shift focus away from the election, who gains, who loses, who profits from all this destruction. I think, all paths lead to Israel, because like it or not, that\’s were a lot of Police Departments in the US get their training from (breadcrumb: do the digging). And after all, Rothschild\’s Israel is the Deep State, those who don\’t tell you that, are not being completely truthful to you, so be cautious. 

Candace Owens, she might not have a popular view, but she definitely got balls to express it the way she does. It will trigger lots of people I\’m sure. 

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