This is a really good documentary to watch and share with your fellow peers who\’ve taken the Red Pill.

I\’d like to point out that whatever I post, make sure you don\’t just blindly believe and accept. Please do your own thorough investigative analytical objective research and make up your own mind. Don\’t take anyone\’s word for it. Think Critically. Think Independently. Think Logically and Rationally. Be Discerning, use your better judgement.

Also, I don\’t necessarily agree with everything in this documentary, however it is well presented and clear in its presentation of KEY FACTS, which I felt would be pertinent to readers of this site. We don\’t all have to always agree on everything. We\’re here to learn from one another and help each other grow.

Finally, George Soros is a despicable rotten greedy sociopath. The fact he sold out his own Jewish people to the Nazis during WW2 is undeniable evidence that he lacks a conscience, let alone a moral compass. Saving his own ass while sending God-only-knows how many to concentration camps, real \’heroic\’ and \’brave\’ of him (sarcasm intended). Alas, a perfect example of how Zionists (nothing to do with the faith of Judaism) don\’t give a flying fuck about Jews or anyone else for that matter. And that\’s the type of figures Hillary Clinton (and other psychos in politics regardless of party lines) likes to associate with. She\’s a piece of shit too. Cackling murderous reptilian witch. 

FYI: I\’m not on board with Q or with Trump being some kind of savior. This blog isn\’t left or right leaning. It\’s not loyal to any political party. It\’s about awakening humanity and elevating our collective consciousness.

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