Don\’t have a clue who this brave woman is but she got SOUL and she is SPEAKING THE POWERFUL UNADULTERATED UNBIASED COLD HARD TRUTH!!! We Salute Her Courage and her Passion to drop knowledge and wisdom. What a role model to women (and men!) everywhere. May she be protected and may her words resonate all around the world.

The video was originally posted on my official YouTube channel but it was removed for \’violating YouTube\’s Terms of Service\’. Whatever the FUCK that means. It means when ANYTHING published goes against the fabricated narratives to manufacture consent, it poses a threat to the Globalist agenda, it is deemed far too dangerous for consumption. In other words, the THOUGHT POLICE don\’t want the masses to watch it, and most importantly, they don\’t want the public to start ASKING QUESTIONS

I\’ve backed the video up directly to this site plus on my BitChute page (if you don\’t already have an account there, click here to join for FREE)

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