Lotta folks who\’ve fallen for the Psyops of Alex Jones InfoWars and Q won\’t like this MAJOR Red Pill. Keep living in denial y\’all, keep letting pride and/or cognitive dissonance blind you from the cold hard TRUTH, which is that Trump, as anti-establishment as he might seem or they might make him appear to be, he\’s still a puppet, perhaps unwittingly but he\’s most definitely in the pockets of the Israel Always First Zionists. The MAGA movement is just a con game to gain your blind support. Wish it wasn\’t so, but the FACTS speak for themselves. The RED PILL ain\’t easy to swallow, but…You\’re either FULLY Anti-Swamp Anti-Deep-State Anti-Zionist-Establishment Anti-Rothschild-Satanic-Bankers-Cabal or…. you\’re just getting duped. No in-between. Take the Rep Pill, face the FACTS, accept it for what it is, don\’t get bummed out, just keep your EYES open. Watch & Share

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