As y\’all already know (or maybe not), I\’m no fan of either Obama, Hillary Clinton, or Trump. Despite all the buffoonery however, would still prefer Trump over Hillary Clinton any day of the week. I\’ll tell you why.

I\’m fully aware and cognizant of the undeniable fact that Presidents are SELECTED not elected, and they are ALL puppets of the Rothschild Globalist Zionist Cabal (Trump is no exception). They all have to pledge allegiance to their masters at the Wailing Wall in Israel once they get sworn in. Imagine if they went down to Mecca in Saudi Arabia and did that, Americans would lose their shit. But somehow, they\’ve been indoctrinated to think Pledging Allegiance to the Synagogue of Satan & the Anti-Christ Zionist Overlords is acceptable, go figure.

In any event, I never got on board with the whole Russiagate hoax, not because I liked Trump, I don\’t, but because MSM (aka fakestream media) is usually full of shit. And because Hillary is a bitter sore fuckin\’ loser who still pulls the strings in the DNC and in the MSM. I get nauseated every time she\’s on the Ellen show or late night talk show and receives a hero\’s welcome when she\’s the most deceptive, cunning, psychotic, bloodthirsty warmonger out there (or at least one of the top ones after Dick Cheney). She\’s a reptilian witch in cloned human suits, man there\’s NO SOULS behind those eyes and that sinister cackle, CREEPY! 

The REAL collusion which fakestream media will NEVER EVER tell you about, and one that Q still overlooks and ignores (that\’s why I\’m not on board with that movement- it\’s controlled opposition psyops, most likely Mossad), the REAL COLLUSION is the ISRAELI COLLUSION in Washington, with all their DUAL CITIZENSHIP OPERATIVES (the REAL Traitors) placed in all levels and in ALL BRANCHES of government. From Military to Intelligence to Justice Dept to you name it, they have their Dual Citizenship agents embedded to ensure that any/all policies whether domestic or foreign ALWAYS in ALL WAYS favor the best interest of Rothschild\’s Anti-Christ Regime, Israel.  And guess what, their agents are the heads of all MSM outlets AND Hollywood studios and in the music industry and Big Pharma, Big Tech and Big Science. That\’s not conspiracy, that\’s verifiable, undeniable, indisputable, irrefutable FACT (if it wasn\’t, than it would be \’conspiracy\’ which is not the case here). And THAT\’S THE REAL COLLUSION which goes on ignored and COMPLETELY OVERLOOKED by Q and by MSM alike

SIDENOTE: It\’s not personal with Q Anons, but I\’m not on board, I got my reasons based in facts. It\’s all FALSE HOPE. Also, The Great Awakening is BEYOND politics, beyond the left-right DNC-GOP paradigm. The Great Awakening is bigger than one person! 

That said, I like how Fox News exposes NBC\’s hypocrisy in this video yet they\’re not immune to it themselves.  I like what Tucker Carlson says about MSM news (propaganda) outlets being so openly and aggressively dishonest, but truth be told, his network is no exception to that either. Just sayin\’.

Will Obama get arrested for \’treason\’? Will their be any investigations or subpoenas handed out?  Nope. Don\’t think so. Lock Her Up, remember that? Where\’s she? STILL FREE AF. Good luck with that. It\’s a cesspool of pedophilia sociopaths who are ALL PART OF THE SAME SATANIC CLUB. This is all SMOKE AND MIRRORS. Reality TV, Distractions. Deception. Divisiveness. They pretend to dislike each other in front of the camera, but behind the scenes, when cameras aren\’t rolling, they\’re all inbred motherfuckers who pat each other on the back and give each other hand jobs (no exaggeration). In other words, Fake AF. Like WWE, but on Steroids, on ADRENOCHROME. 

Stay focused: it\’s the 99% v. the 1%. 

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