This is another explosive documentary featuring an interview with a brave whistle-blower, Dr Judy Mikovits, highlighting the epic level of corruption of the vaccine industry, Big Pharma, Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates. 

The original video was taken down from YouTube (not surprising), so it\’s been backed up here. Honestly, trying to silence views which oppose the \’mainstream / pro-WHO / pro- Bill Gates / pro- Anthony Fauci\’ narrative will only backfire as it will only serve to empower the Truth movement. Alas, when you got BAZZILLIONS like Bill the Shrill Gates of Hell, you can pretty much BUY UP all your airtime on MSM and silence any dissent which expose your deception and lies. But you cannot nor will ever stop THE GREAT AWAKENING, it\’s bigger than one person, it\’s an idea whose time has COME!!!

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