Like I been saying for over a decade now, everything is ENERGY, and Energy is EVERYTHING.

Consciousness and Emotions are forms of ENERGY. We, like all living beings and plant life, are transmitters and receivers of ENERGY. And everything emits a certain FREQUENCY of ENERGY. The Earth itself is a power plant of ENERGY, it has an electromagnetic field (which the Pyramids were designed to tap into), and if that ceases, all life will cease to exist.

Why you think the Reptilian Satanic Cabal work tirelessly to keep our collective consciousness contained within a narrow band of frequency? Because control energy and you control the world. That\’s the secret of the Matrix, that\’s how they keep our minds imprisoned, because they don\’t want us educated and empowered and enlightened. NOPE. They want us docile, numb & dumbed down, fluoridated, sedated and indoctrinated. The want the world populace to be obedient subservient debt slaves. Easier to be manipulated and dominated when we\’re busy fighting/hating/killing each other, over religions or societal status or land or any other superficial manufactured BS. 

Once you learn this, you will see that the Solution begins with Self-Awareness, which is the first step towards Oneness with the Universal Cosmic Consciousness. Elevate your ENERGY.

David Icke explains this concept more elaborately.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the video is no longer available because YouTube (and Facebook) decided to de-platform and ban David Icke, simply because he was reaching more people now with his message and they don\’t want the masses to \’get woke\’. 

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