In case you haven\’t figured it out yet and you still support \’Q\’, Rothschild\’s Israel is the Deep State and Zionists are the Establishment (those are verifiable undeniable FACTS, follow the money!), they are the ones that have usurped power in Washington and use all their Rothschild Federal Reserve fiat money (and position of power) to influence politics to favor Israel\’s best interest always, even at the expense of American lives and American\’s hard-earned taxpayer dollars. Remind me again, how many MILLIONS of US DOLLARS Rothchild\’s Israel receives DAILY??? 

You can\’t fight the \’Establishment\’ and the Deep State if your entire administration is filled to the brim with Establishment and Deep State agents. Just Sayin\’.

Tough RED PILL to swallow: Trump\’s firmly in the pocket of the Zionist Deep State (money talks, bullshit walks, see video below of Sheldon Adelson, Trump\’s top campaign donor), the evidence is overwhelmingly obvious, whether you want to (or ready to) accept it or not.  

Time to question whether or not the whole \’Q Anon\’ movement is some form of highly sophisticated Mossad Controlled Opposition Psyops (wouldn\’t put it past them, Deception is in their Motto), with the clear intention to dupe Trump supporters into believing he is some kind of savior, all while distracting them with disinformation and misinformation. Not saying that some of Q\’s drops didn\’t contain some truths, but there\’s a clear definitive alt-right / rightist / republican skew to the facts. You can\’t be leftist or rightist when it comes to exposing the satanic cabal, that\’s the exact paradigm trap they want us to fall into, it\’s a trap to turn us against one another. 

\”Oh but the MSM keeps shitting on Trump, he must be really fighting the Establishment, isn\’t he?!\” 

Oh boy. Insert face palm emoji here. It\’s called REALITY TV, this one is a Political Circus, designed to deceive, distract, divide. After all, wasn\’t Trump doing reality TV before he ran for office??? Just call this \’The Apprentice: White House edition\’. And you\’ll see, they are all playing a role to fool the masses while they continue to rob the country blind. Don\’t drink the QOOL-AID!

I would possibly maybe –BIGLY maybe- support Trump if he kept his word and locked up Hillary Clinton like he said he would during the debates in 2016. Alas, he can\’t because they\’re all part of the same pedophile satanic club. The world\’s a stage, pay attention, don\’t get fooled.

The question of righteousness isn\’t based on politics, it\’s based on humanity, justice and truth.

Spread Love.

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