If a non-Jew (Goy/Goyim) were to say all this, they\’d label them as an \’antisemite\’ (I prefer the more succinct term \’anti-Jew\’, Semites encompasses Arabs also).

In his case, they\’d probably label this Rabbi a \’self-hating Jew\’ for dropping all this truth about the unethical shady dealings of many so-called Jews; their flagrant abuse of lending and extremely high interest rates to suffocate non-Jews through the rampant malpractice of usury.  

Most Jews are indoctrinated (from a very young age) to believe the gentiles/goyims are jealous of them, hate them and want to obliterate them. Maybe it\’s the trauma of the Holocaust, but truth be told, those who practice this level of criminal usury hate humanity, especially since in their scripture The Talmud, it teaches them that we goyims are sub-human beasts, we\’re their servants/slaves, and it\’s permissible to cheat us, lie to us, rob us and kill us and not to mention permits sexual intercourse with children (ie pedophilia). Such a doctrine is an enemy to humankind and to true Jews everywhere. It is that type of vile teachings that should and NEEDS to be condemned by Jews everywhere. Alas, those who do so, bravely and courageously get deemed and labeled as \’self-hating Jews\’ even though they are defending the honor of Judaism.

Another fact that cannot be disputed is that the real people who truly hate & despise true God-fearing Jews are the antisemitic anti-Jew anti-Godly Zionists, for this radical ideology is the cancer infecting the minds of many Jews to confuse their ancestral, historical and cultural identity with something that directly opposes the Torah and goes against the word of God. 

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