All it takes is a simple Google search: Patent 060606. Not making this shit up, wish I was but I\’m not.

Meanwhile, Bill \’the Shrill\’ Gates is all over fakestream media promoting vaccination for the entire world. That psychotic creep needs to get arrested for crimes against humanity. He\’s responsible for the deaths and bodily injuries to thousands of innocent people in India and Africa. Dude doesn\’t even have a medical license or a degree, he\’s a complete fraud but somehow has \’credibility\’ when it comes to worldwide plannedemics, because MONEY that\’s why. Fuck Him and his Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and their ties to W.H.O. and their sick sociopathic mandatory (chipped) vaccination agenda.

There\’s a reason MSM is willfully ignoring this, because Big Pharma and Big Tech fund their Psychological Conditioning Programming of You, Us, We The People.

In essence, this Patent is for a Microchip (most probably RFID) what many will consider the Mark of the Beast (just the number of the patent itself is telling enough: 060606 -satanists love to put it in our face, their arrogance will be their downfall, believe that). Can\’t emphasize enough just how seriously messed up this is. 

Sadly however, I\’m sure many indoctrinated sheep will line up to get it, because Lady Gaga or Ellen DeGeneres -or some other celebrity- told them to do it. Alas, Sheep will keep on sheepin\’ (insert face palm emoji here).

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