OUT OF SHADOWS [Documentary]

Since many are under lock down / quarantine (aka \’soft martial law\’), thought it\’s time to start sharing some important documentaries to expand awareness and consciousness.

This one is quite recent because it talks about Jeffrey Epstein, but delves also into MK-Ultra, Satanism/Luciferianism, Pedophilia, Hollywood and CIA ties, Pizzagate, NXIVM, the occult rituals like Spirit Cooking (although it didn\’t go deep into it or explain what it is), and False Flags as well as CIA ops known as Operation Mockingbird and Operation Paperclip.

All this stuff has been covered in previous posts, but it\’s a great refresher for all who\’re already in the know, and a great beginner/introductory course into the fucked up shit that\’s going on in our world. 

It\’s easy to digest, and about an hour or so long, in other words, you got the time for it. Once you\’re done viewing, share (if you want), and dig deeper with your own independent thorough research. 

It\’s very important NOT TO LET THIS STUFF get to you. Yes, it\’s pretty F\’ing messed up, and can be depressing once you examine all the dots and connect them, but truth be told, and I keep repeating this over and over: it\’s all about CONSCIOUSNESS. Consciousness is ENERGY, that\’s why they attack it vigorously. Stay positive, keep hope, keep steadfast in your faith, if you\’re a believer than Pray, if you\’re not, consider that the ones behind this New World Order Satanic Agenda are batshit crazy, and they\’ll stop at nothing to make sure good/decency is bad, debauchery/perversions are normal/tolerated/accepted/normalized, and most importantly they want YOU to NOT believe in ANYTHING (such as in God or a Higher Infinitely Consciousness Divine Being), that\’s how THEY WIN. You can witness all these things happening as we speak (and they\’re trying REAL HARD to normalize pedophilia- it\’s really disgusting), but ELEVATE YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS and don\’t fall prey into their schemes, and don\’t let fear overcome you. Stay STRONG. 

Spread Love.
Rise Above!

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