City in lock down? Use this precious time wisely and constructively. 

Here are some basic guidelines to help you maintain some semblance of sanity and serenity. These are just some examples and suggestions, adjust as necessary to fit your lifestyle.

  • Improve upon your design, expand the awareness and consciousness of your mind. Read, gain knowledge, research, learn new things (like how to live off the grid or grow your own food or generate your own power) or hone talent/skills, start a new hobby. Great time for self-development and self-improvement!
  • Avoid/minimize/limit/eliminate C.R.A.P.: Carbonated Refined Artificial Processed foods (sodas, junk food, chips, chocolates, basically most comfort foods all the good cheesy/salty/sweet/greasy stuff, I know I know it\’s tough but they lower your body\’s immunity/frequency and don\’t feed you any nutrients). Nourish thy temple so thy temple can Cherish thy soul.
  • Keep some kind of structure in your life, it doesn\’t have to be overly strict and rigid but set times for specific activities and do your best to stick to it.
  • Channel & reconnect with your Artistic side and let CREATIVITY take over. Play a musical instrument, write or start a blog, knitting, painting, sculpting, photography, all these activities can be therapeutic. I know writing is for me.
  • Got kids? NOT EASY managing a household, working from home (if you have been given that luxury), and making sure they have snacks and dinner\’s ready on time. Here\’s your chance to prep children for the future. Delegate tasks (depending on their age of course), set a schedule for them, teach them about responsibility and the feel-good factor of contributing and helping around the house. Easier said than done, I get it, but try nonetheless. Ask them about their feelings of what\’s going on, let them talk and express themselves. Or just let them draw it out. Let their creative side & imagination come to life too.
  • Limit news time, especially right before sleep. Watching too much news can trigger depression, anxiety, panic attacks and lower your mind\’s frequency. Be aware, be in the know of what\’s going on locally/nationally/internationally but don\’t overwhelm yourself with too much fear-mongering. Worrying is like a rocking chair, going back and forth but not really going anywhere. Protect your mindset, try to remain optimistic/positive.
  • Don\’t become a couch potato. Yes, lots to binge watch on Netflix, but get up and move around, READ A BOOK instead. Take a break from ALL screens (TV, laptops, phones, tablets, etc).
  • It\’s important to stay in touch with loved ones as much as possible. Check up on the most vulnerable/susceptible to loneliness/viruses, friends and family, especially the elderly. 
  • Work out, try to keep active and make it consistent. Exercise helps to release tension and it\’s good for blood circulation, can help to strengthen immunity as well. Don\’t know how to work out? Check YouTube or download fitness apps, lots of tutorials available for FREE.
  • Practice silence and stillness, meditate, do yoga, deep breathing, restore inner peace. This goes a long way to aid in coping with anxiety, stress, and can even prevent panic attacks. 
  • BRUSH YOUR TEETH daily/nightly.
  • Don\’t abuse your body with alcohol or drugs. They lower your energetic frequency and harm organs. Moderation is always better than excess!
  • Don\’t stay in your PJ\’s all day, don\’t stay idle for long periods of time. Get up, put music on, have a DANCE PARTY alone or with others via Skype/Zoom/Whatsapp. Shake what yo momma gave ya.
  • Take vitamins or dietary supplements to boost immunity, check with your healthcare professional for which ones best for you. I recommend taking Vitamins B, C, D every morning. 
  • Keep your apartment/flat/condo/house clean. It doesn\’t have to be immaculate, especially if kids are home 24/7, but have some order. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. 

In essence, make some time each day to take care of your mind, your body, your heart, your soul and your home. Eat right, be active, make time for inner-stillness, foster self-care, and develop good healthy habits.

Stay Strong. Keep Faith. Don\’t give up. We\’re all in this together, and WE\’RE GONNA MAKE IT ✊

Above all, Spread Love, Rise Above the Frequency of Fear. Might be scary times but it\’s an exciting time for light workers to elevate the collective consciousness of humanity higher and HIGHER.

This Guideline is merely a list of ideas and suggestions, adopt and adapt accordingly. 
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