Everything, literally every single thing I\’ve been wanted to say in regards to this \’pandemic\’ (read PLANNEDemic), David Icke explains so clearly and succinctly and comprehensively in this interview. It\’s a Must-Watch for EVERY ONE. 

Stuck home, in lock down like the rest of the world, got 2 hours to spare? Then do YOURSELF and your LOVED ONES a favor and WATCH THIS, then SHARE and POST all over Social Media 

Important Note: Never mind the fluoridated sheep or zombie skeptics who are completely indoctrinated to defend the system that which enslaves them, just plant the seeds of Higher Consciousness. Don\’t take their rebuttals personally, it\’s just their Cognitive Dissonance kicking in to try and protect the illusion of reality they\’ve been brainwashed to believe in their entire lives. Just leave the breadcrumbs to Truth and be on your way. You CANNOT change their minds, it\’s totally and entirely up to them. Do your part in the Great Awakening, do it with and through LOVE, and be on your way.  

(FYI: You DON\’T have to agree with everything David Icke says, I certainly don\’t. Like always, take everything with a grain of salt, and examine all he exposes through the lenses of rationality and logic. Much of what Icke has said in the past has come to pass or is happening as we speak. Is he a Shill or Controlled Opposition? Personally, don\’t think so but anything\’s possible and you are free to make up your own mind.)

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