The nature of our existence… what is it?
Take a couple o\’minutes and ponder that

Ponder what if we simply decided to fine tune our in-tuition
Build more from a place of mutual trust, than unsustainable competition
What if we contemplated the nature of our existence, 
We\’d have to ask an all important -and vital- question…
What is our PURPOSE as beings and as a whole…?

If we don\’t have –correction; if we don\’t serve a Higher Purpose (ie. relinquishing servitude to the Ego)… then wouldn\’t that be a wasted existence?
I already hear the dismissals and denials,
not knowing that I\’ve been to the fire and passed, the trials
Now I\’m here to warn that the road ahead could be precarious 
so… Guard your heart against all things nefarious

We\’re all imperfectly Perfect
So…as I compose this, I reflect
What it is that these typed words will project?
How transformatively transformational can one idea be, to earn Total RESPECT…

The nature of our existence….
What are we here to manifest?
is it all part of a higher spiritual quest?
Somehow, some coincidences don\’t seem random… is it all a test?

Holographic matrix of the power of Consciousness
Think about it… the CPU of our spirit-being is our Mind, stored inside our Brain, cradled in a Cranium, 
That\’s all random evolution? That answer should not neglect the preciseness of The Golden Ratio aka the Fibonacci Sequence…. how can totally brute randomness without any flow of consciousness, come up with and create all of this? 

We are fragments of the same source, which is simultaneously compounding and expanding the field of our reality aka The Multi-Verse. We are fragments of Intelligent Infinity, gathering information (like the eyes, ears, mouths, and so on) and collecting data for the main central hub of universal knowledge, aka The Akashic Records, as its better known.

Nature of our existence… I guess it depends whom you ask… it\’s no short order to be given a tall task, we all live under some kind of mask. Oh yes, I\’m talking \’bout that proverbial mask, It\’s easy being unaware, that\’s why the saying goes \’ignorance is bliss\’… it kinda somewhat is, but it\’s more of willful negligence. Ignoring and Neglecting aren\’t the same thing always, but they both stem from a space of dismissiveness (think i just invented a new word), the correct term actually is, denial. 

What am I going on about………….

Nature of our Existence… not to remain in ignorance of the divine purpose behind the creation of our consciousness. Doing so requires shedding layers upon layers of indoctrination, and detoxifying the pineal gland from a lifetime of fluoridation. 

That\’s one part. The next, is using a state of Elevated Universal Awareness Consciousness to Break…The Matrix.

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