The Cost of Antagonism: The tragedy that could have – SHOULD HAVE been avoided.

Current State of Affairs…

Look around and there\’s a whiff of malaise in the air…maybe it\’s more, more like despair… like, not many people actually giving a Fuck about being aware to care…Maybe it\’s more than a whiff, but…but maybe it\’s just me, but I also sense a rise in humanity\’s dire need for \’Collective Coexistence\’ and \’Cooperative Consciousness\’…or is it the other way around, \’Collective Consciousness\’ and \’Cooperative Coexistence\’ ??? 

Yeah, sure, the Year didn\’treally start out smooth, and yeah, some\’many believe we came close to -dare I utter- a catastrophic World War 3… you know what, we actually kinda did narrowly avert a great catastrophe… however, it came with a heavy cost you see… tip-toeing around global warfare is no laughing matter comedy, I wanted us all to take this moment in time and matter seriously … a moment to remember the unnecessarily lost lives due to (in many aspects) to a certain Rothschild militarily colonial empire\’s unnecessary provocations and subsequent needless pointless escalations…(this isn\’t any sign of being civilized… civilized people sit and talk, they engage intellectually with one another, just saying) all this, should  give humanity the urgent urge to pause and examine facts…re-assess. 

One important fact that many often neglect… is the answer to this question, Could the tragedy of that plane full of innocent souls…could that have been avoided?

and that\’s the real tragic tragedy here. that it could have (and should have) been avoided.

Who bares the blame? Who will they blame? Blame game lame? Who will never feel guilt nor shame? Who has confessed and professed genuine regret? What is the bar we\’re setting here? So you\’re allowed to sell weapons to your \’friendly\’ regimes (by the very definition of the word \’regime\’, that\’s exactly what they are- so it\’s not like an insult nor an exaggeration, but a mere descriptor), who then use them on innocent civilians, drop \’bombs of freedom\’ on schools and hospitals, veritable war crimes, yet… deafening silence there… why so?  …oh now i get it: I can see the bar here, when you profit off of deaths, it\’s all good, is that how it goes? Naw, tell me it ain\’t so.

But Bro, where do we go… from here. How can we GROW to act out of LOVE, not out of fear…. 

New Decade, Let\’s Mold it our Way.
What way is that?, funny you should ask
Listen only if you\’re up to the task
First, let\’s just bend a knee (or two), make a sincere plea to all of humanity: 
we reflect what we project, 
just here to interject, pause and cause to reflect, what do we want to Project? What world do we want to mold and shape for the heirs of our misgivings? Less taking, more giving? Less arrogance, more blessings? 

One thing for sure, we need a world without sick pedos ruling it or running it. 

About that… see how easily they can shift focus and build narratives around the goals of their occultist agenda and away from the ones they don\’t want the masses to become informed about… yet darkness cannot exist without the shadow of the Light…. you feel me? 

We must Be the Light. in whatever way we can, however way we can, channel our inner Higher-Self (our Spirit / Mana )… and let\’s clean up this world for our kids\’ sake. There\’s way too much trash, literally and figuratively speaking… 
Just a reminder: many of the nations who are punishing a certain Persian country and demanding compensation for victims (understandably so), many of those nations are still unapologetic about selling weapons of deathly destruction to regime(s) with horrible human rights track records, let\’s keep that in mind, and as a result, create humanitarian crisis… which cause influx of refugees into Rothschild\’s European colonies which triggers \’fear of the other\’ which gets the people fighting and killing each other, whilst the Rothschild Cabal continue to reap all the rewards of all these needless senseless pointless meaningless wars…. hmmmmm….

Re-assess the Effects to the Consequence, so… let\’s Tame the Blame Game, there\’s plenty to go around… 

 Just in case you are wondering, I didn\’t write this. We All Did.


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