If you\’re not living under a rock, and do keep tabs on MSM (Mainstream/Corporate/Zionist Media), then you\’ve surely witnessed the endless coverage of the Khashoggi murder/assassination. 

It is like a scene from a very VERY bad Hollywood B-Movie, where the Saudi Journalist— supposedly outspoken critic of the Saudi (Sociopathic) Monarchy/Regime— was allegedly deceived into entering the Saudi Embassy in Turkey, however his end/fate was awaiting him in the form of a group of psychopath mercenaries. As reports have emerged gradually, details of Khashoggi\’s demise are made public, where he was interrogated, then subsequently killed in cold blood fashion, dismembered, and his remains remain unknown… Horrific barbaric savagery is one way to mildly put it. Wouldn\’t expect anything less from the Saudi Wahabi Salafi Psychos! (FYI: these dudes ain\’t Islamic in the least bit, they\’re doing a huge disservice to Islam by calling themselves Muslims– another issue, another time)

Sources from the US Intelligence Community have anonymously revealed the orders to murder/assassinate Khashoggi came from the highest levels of the Saudi Regime, namely the crown prince MbS (Mohammad bin Salman). Incidentally, there\’s been an outpouring of international condemnation- mainly from Western Nations, but strictly in the form of words, NO ACTIONS TAKEN WHATSOEVER to reprimand the Saudi government for their direct/indirect involvement in this sickening brutal murder. Western Nations- mainly US, Canada, UK, Germany, France- will continue to SELL MILITARY ARMS to and keep buying Oil from the Saudis, so they (Saudi Arabia) can continue their illegal siege of the impoverished famine-stricken nation of Yemen. This is so disgusting and nauseating, I\’m having a hard time keeping my lunch in my stomach. Funny how these Western Nations want to stand and be revered as beacons of human decency and protectors of international laws, yet they all are part of the world\’s largest death cult, the Military Industrial Complex. 

Saudi Arabia continues to be part of the United Nations Human Rights Council… I SHIT YOU NOT, the country that still beheads people and has public lashings/stonings and executions, is part of the Human Rights Council…. What in the ACTUAL FUCK?!?!? 

SIDENOTE: How come Western journalists continue to completely ignore and/or gloss over Saudi Arabia\’s illegal seige/war on Yemen, where hundreds of thousands of lives are suffering and dying, many of them innocent CHILDREN/INFANTS, but those lives apparently do not really matter that much to be worth reporting on as was the life a single Saudi-American Journalist???!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Oh yeah, unless you\’re an elitist favouring the zionist globalist agenda of satanist world order, then YOU DON\’T FUCKING MATTER. That\’s why.

Back to the subject at hand… Khashoggi and the (selective) outrage of Western Media and Western Powers. They are all up in arms (pun intended) that the Saudis murdered a critic of the monarchy/regime, however when it comes to Julian Assange, who himself has put his LIFE ON THE LINE for humanity\’s sake in order to expose the rampant corruption of the United States and other Western Powers, they\’re quick to label him a \’traitor\’, \’enemy of the state\’ and want his expedient trial/arrest. 

Wait… So… on one hand, you\’re all supposedly mad at Saudi Arabia for murdering an outspoken journalist \’critical\’ of the government, but also at the same time, you want to lock up Julian Assange for doing the same thing as Khashoggi did (actually, Assange went even further and released thousands of pages of documents AS PROOF the government are CORRUPT AF) ??? 

For those who don\’t know who Julian Assange is, briefly, he is the editor in chief at the whistleblower website WikiLeaks, and has been holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London UK for the last 6-7 years (as of the date of this posting)… The man has not been able to smell fresh air, set foot outside the embassy, and is basically imprisoned because if he\’d ever leave the embassy, British Police will immediately handcuff him and hand him over to their US counterparts. He\’s already living in a prison-like sentence (minus the prison cell and guards so to speak), yet, the US is keen on prosecuting him for bullshit reasons -pardon my direct straightforwardness- because Assange was exposing the corrupt system we\’re living in. 

Western Imperial Powers\’ sense of \’justice\’ is undeniably illogical. You cannot harshly condemn one nation for silencing dissident journalism yet also be ones pulling the same shit against another whistleblower dissident journalist. That\’s HYPOCRITICAL to say the least. Downright astonished more people aren\’t outraged by their \’elected\’ officials\’ selective outrage. Fuck Mainstream Media, and Fuck Politics, both are the long reaching tentacles of the Zionist Globalist Satanist Rothschild Bankers Cabal anyways. Not surprised by any of this, are you?

Unless our own western governments guarantee Julian Assange his freedom, through unfettered unconditional clemency, then they have absolutely forfeited their right to accuse and/or admonish and/or condemn Saudi Arabia  –or any other nation for that matter— for their human rights violations. 

SIDENOTE: Imagine if you will, if Syria or Iran for example, pulled the same stunt that Saudi Arabia did… It\’d be non-stop calls for regime change and pre-emptive wars, and fear-mongering on every corporate-owned news channel, but good ol\’ oil-rich military-weapons-buying maniacal sociopaths Saudi Arabia are the allies and good guys. HOORAY FOR WESTERN HYPOCRISY!!! 

Peace, 1LOVE, and always in all wayz…

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