The AntiChrist is known as The Great Deceiver.  So good at Deceit, he\’ll fool even the best of Believers. 

#WWG1WGA, \’Where We Go One, We Go All\’ -a perfect example of sheep herd mentality or \”hive mind\’ mind control–, not if that One (Q) is part of the AntiChrist Mechanism of Sophisticated Deception. People are so desperate for a \’Hero\’, that they will deny and refuse obvious reality and facts, they\’ll see whatever they want to see, and if you try to make them see through the facade, they\’ll attack and hate you for it. 

Occult Mystery Societies (like Freemasons and Illuminati) are masters of their craft of Infiltration, Subversion, Manipulation, and Deceit. What makes you think that they\’re not aware of the growing Awakening community of Humanity, and that they actually feel threatened by the increasing levels of awareness?!?! They\’ll stop at nothing to attack not just our bodies, and souls, but also to trick and deceive our Minds, It\’s easy for them. They do it all the time through Television Programming, and now they are using a fictitious supposedly godly anonymous online character/persona called \”Q anon\” to mislead real patriots and True Believers into supporting a zionist puppet/agenda, by making it seem like Q is part of the truth movement and fighting for the republic. Yet, just like how they faked the moon landing, how they orchestrated 9/11 (to start their endless war on \’terror\’) and carried out so many false flag attacks in the EU, UK AND US, this is yet another exercise in the intelligence agencies psyops cointel programming. Don\’t take my word for it: DO THE RESEARCH!!! 

It is always, ALWAYS, easier to fool people than for them to see, admit, accept and acknowledge that they\’ve been fooled.

Sophisticated satanist trickery ain\’t no match for God. God sees all, knows all. All possible outcomes and infinite possibilities, God sees it all. 

So, all this to say, God is Infinitely Great, and no amount of Mossad  deception will ever prevent true Awakened Souls to perceive through the layers and layers and layers of deceitfulness of the AntiChrist/satanist/zionist World Order.

Do not believe me blindly, I do NOT want you to. Many will take the lazy path and totally dismiss this post, honestly, I\’m expecting it because well, truth scares people.  Cognitive Dissonance and Denial block most people\’s Ascension to Higher Consciousness and Deeper Universal Awareness. Alas, many are called… However, only the brave few are Chosen. 

Bless and 1LOVE always.
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