It is VERY SAD & DEEPLY DISTURBING how heavily-indoctrinated Zionists treat TRUE GOD-FEARING JEWS: that\’s the real ugliness of the hateful racist supremacist radical ideology of Zionism, that\’s blatant ANTI-SEMITISM (just because these Jews want to defend the holy sanctity of their religion according to God\’s laws), if you want to use the distorted definition of the term. Semites are HEBREWS as well as ARABS, it is not a reference to any specific religion, rather a linguistic grouping of languages in a specific regional area. But I\’ll be considered \’anti-semitic\’ just for saying that. FUCK\’EM. I\’m One with the Endless Source of Infinite Love, The Source of Oneness Consciousness, GOD, so they can say whatever they want, GOD KNOWS ALL, and He knows what\’s in my heart.

God Bless all FREEDOM FIGHTERS and REVOLUTIONARIES, regardless of their religion or \’race\’. ONE LOVE!!!

SIDE NOTE: I don\’t support or condone BLIND FAITH either. God doesn\’t want blind believers, He wants Awakened Souls.  

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