It\’s no secret, if you\’re an avid awakener of consciousness, if you go up against the status quo mainstream media zionist-controlled narratives, and you post a lot on social media, such as Twitter or Facebook, you\’re bound to run into censorship.

It\’s obvious (((they))) fear being exposed and the truth reaching the masses. That\’s why False Flags occur, in order for the \’powers that were\’ to have an excuse to stir the public into a frenzy of fear and panic, thereby willingly and voluntarily giving up their rights and privacy, all in the name of a false sense of \’security\’. 

We\’re no less secure now than prior to 9/11. What has changed? We live in a Police Surveillance State, and every gadget we use, like the laptop/smartphone/tablet you\’re on to view this site, is also used to spy on you. Sad reality we live, but it\’s no one\’s fault but our own because we didn\’t RISE UP and RESIST the encroachment of Big Brother\’s infiltration into our lives. 

All that is besides the point. I want to share with all you BREAKERS OF THE MATRIX to join me on MINDS.COM a site which does not ban or block you from reading and spreading the truth about the shadow government, and the Globalist Zionist Bankers Crime Syndicate aka the Rothschild Cabal.  

Link up and invite others, let\’s BOYCOTT Facebook and Twitter.


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