Once upon a time, a long long loooong time ago, I was asked: How do we reclaim our mind?

That\’s a very good question… Seeing that it\’s part of this site\’s description, it\’s only right that I devote a post to this important topic.

First, let\’s define RECLAIM. The root word here is \’Claim\’ meaning to state some type of ownership over something or someone. Therefore, reclaim would mean to state ownership over something/someone that we\’ve lost over time. 

Next word to define, a simple word that means a whole lot… MIND. What is a mind? Do we own our mind, can we sell or give up our mind, or loose our mind? Oh yes we can, to all the above. When someone goes bonkers and shoots up a school or a mall, best believe they\’ve definitely lost their frigging mind! A mind is a terrible thing to waste… Remember those DrugFree Ad Campaigns they used to run on Saturday mornings? So…. a mind is an intangible object intrinsic to our consciousness. Like a Spirit and a Soul, so is a Mind and the Consciousness. The mind is where most people go to retrieve memories… it is also the garden of our consciousness, where seeds of thought are planted and depending what type of fruits you want to grow depends what type thoughts you should sow. 

The mind, vital tool of our enslavement or emancipation. That is why it is always in so many ways under attack by evil dark forces that understand the intricate and immeasurable nature of the power of our mind. Why you think they constantly use entertainment to dumb down the masses, especially the youth who\’s mind is a sponge soaking up all the information around them. Our mind, is so damn powerful, but we\’ve been indoctrinated to view it as limited, when it is capable of so much more! Can we use our mind to communicate telepathically to others? Can we use our mind to move objects and levitate them towards us? We can do those and so much more, it is all within the power of our mind, we just haven\’t unlocked those hidden imbedded potentials because we\’ve been programmed to think we just can\’t. Negative thinking leads to negative results. Flip that script on them!

The Elites want us distracted so we don\’t focus on their sick satanic sinister antiChrist plans, so they bombard us with hypersexualization, and excessive consumerism, buy this, eat that, drink this, drive that, hook up with someone, forget them move on, and their television shows are all about selling us the idea that there\’s nothing more to life than sleeping around, drinking and partying, and worshipping false Hollywood reality-tv social-media attention-seeking-whores idols!  WOW, that\’s was a mouth full. 

Back to the MIND. It is the gateway to our Higher Consciousness, which is itself the gateway to our Higher Self, which is itself a gateway to Intelligent Infinity (aka The Soure aka The Creator aka GOD). Once you understand the sheer power and importance of our mind, you\’ll see why (((they))) attack it daily ritualistically with poisons like GMOs and junk food, fluoridated water, chemtrails in the air, all in a bid to infest and rot our mind with garbage. 

To answer the question… How do we RECLAIM our MIND? First and foremost: TURN OFF THE TV, take a break from Social Media. Secondly, most importantly, READ BOOKS. Your mind, is like your stomach, you can feed it toxic crap or detox it and feed it empowerment & enlightenment. Read all types of books, even books of ideas you disagree with. Why? So you can understand how those who oppose your view think, and be better at addressing them if that day comes and you have to debate them. Read books that open and expand your mind. Your mind is essential to the ascension of your consciousness, and consequently, your Spirit, and collectively, the more minds are cleared of all that rubbish they shove down our throats, the more minds are interconnected and focused on overcoming the mental enslavement we\’ve all been subjected to since birth, the more we can overpower the power structure and believe it so we can achieve it and over throw the Powers that Once Were. 

Yes I got faith in humanity, it is possible. But we must overcome our own minds first. We must RECLAIM it from all their distractions and deceptions. Take OWNERSHIP of your OWN MIND. Don\’t let others THINK FOR YOU. Don\’t let TV tell you what to wear, how to think, what to think, who to love and who to hate, don\’t even let politicians or celebrities tell you what you should care about or who to mourn when there\’s some kind of disaster or (false flag) terrorist attack. 

Ask yourself, when you\’re holding a specific point of view, how did you get that perspective? Did you research it yourself? Did you investigate the topic and read up on it, or was it mainstream media that conjured up those ideas that you think are your own, but were actually subconsciously implanted so you can be their pawn and accept their socially-constructed and manufactured-consent narrative? Are your ideas, opinions, views, all your own or based off of what television or movies have shown you? How did you get to those conclusions? Those are some basic questions to ask yourself every now and then, to remind yourself to think for yourself and to gradually RECLAIM YOUR MIND.

Our minds are our own. But over time, we gave up ownership over our thoughts and views to the weapon of mass deception and distraction: TELEVISION… or TELL-LIE-VISION. We let it make decisions for us, like what type of life we want, based on shows and actors and commercials that formulated ideas of love and success. Those are illusions, no one but you can truly make you happy, and when you realize happiness comes from within, by reclaiming your mind, and therefore your thoughts, and choosing to face adversity with a smile, no matter how life gets, you will always be victorious. Because you own your own mind, your own life, your own thoughts, your own slice of joy. 

Much Love…

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