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If you\’re a Truth Seeker looking to Break through the Matrix, and Ascend Spiritually to a Higher Density of Consciousness, than I highly recommend reading \’The Law of One – The Ra Material\’

This book is in the form of an actual conversation, a series of interviews done through channeling, with an Extra-Terrestrial entity known as \’Ra\’. Ra explains that their race of beings once visited our spaceship/planet Earth long ago, and that their has been countless ET visitations to various ancient civilizations across the globe throughout space/time. These beings came here to share knowledge and technology in order to help the human race evolve to a higher degree of awareness and density of existence. 

The Law of One begins with the explanation of the Pyramids and their intended purpose, as well as how they were built. I don\’t want to get into it too much because the book does cover a lot of material, too much to unpack here. 

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