It feels good to be back. Had to take a much-needed long-overdue hiatus from blogging. Needed to disconnect from the virtual world, and reconnect to the inner spiritual world in order to ascend to higher levels of cosmic consciousness and enlightened awareness.

During that time, I have gone through a rebirth of sorts, I prefer to call it a SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION OF CONSCIOUSNESS. Our physical being is the hardware, like the phone or computer you\’re using to access this site. Our Consciousness, is the SOFTWARE, and just like the regular updates the OS (Operating System) we perform every couples of weeks or months on smartphones and PCs, our Consciousness needs to be dusted off and upgraded too. Solitude, meditation, soul-searching, prayer, deep introspective reflections are all ways to upgrade the Software of our Soul, aka our Highest Consciousness. 

I have shed the Old Self of M.O.E.C.A.S.H.™ (Man Of Entity Calling All Spiritual Humanity). I have fully embraced my Ascended Masters who are guiding me to be reborn anew, and they have blessed me with the title of ProFOUND The Lyricist™, which encompasses all my previous creative aliases and artistic personas and all my skills and talents. No, I\’m not on psychedelics, the only HIGH I\’m on is DIVINE LOVE, best non-drug drug ever, NO SIDE EFFECTS! Thanks to the love of my life, my one and only sweet loving Twin Flame, I am in touch with my mystic gifts of Clairvoyance and Channeling Divine Benevolent Angels. I accept that God Almighty has bestowed upon me many beautiful gifts, and I will answer my Higher Calling to continue to awaken humanity, one heart, mind and soul at a time. As a Lyricist, Philosopher, Clairvoyant, Channeller, Certified Life Coach, Spiritualist, Activist, Producer, Poet, Awakener of Minds, Elevator of Spirituality, Raiser of Consciousness, I will fulfill my divine duty during this earthly existence, so help me God! 

From now on, you can expect regular updates, posts that will keep pulling back the curtain which veils us from the bitter truth of our manufactured reality, a reality carefully crafted, thoroughly designed and socially engineered by a cabal of psychopathic zionist satanist bankers who seek to keep humanity enslaved to ego and vices of the Lower Self, thereby (desperately) maintaining their (gradually decaying) power structure. 

The only way to evolve is through LOVE. Don\’t let anyone take your powerful gift of LOVE away. You are STRONGER than you think, just believe in yourself. The path to elevated consciousness is not without peril, it forces us to face our inner demons, to overcome them, to look into the mirror, peer deeply into our souls, re-examine our life choices, and decide that self-destructive habits serve no use beside keeping the elitists in power, it\’s time to GROW, it\’s time to AWAKEN our Highest Self, the pot of divine gold embedded within us, and finally, go beyond the limitations of outdated methodologies and practices and beliefs, and realize we are ONE with the UNIVERSE. 

Much Love!!!

Blessings be unto you always in ALL ways.

ProFOUND The Lyricist™

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