Jimmy Dore speaks what\’s on a lot of people\’s minds, his comedic skills are sharp, and oh man, I love his rants, because not only are they funny, they are SO ON POINT!!!

The DEMOCRAPS, do NOT represent working class, they\’re a neo-liberal corporatist party with NO MESSAGE, NO REAL POLICIES, NO SUBSTANCE and DEVOID of any Consciousness Whatsoever!!!

Make no mistake, the RepubliCons aren\’t any better. But for the DNC to loose to an inexperienced un-eloquent orange-colored character like Trump, signals that the party which formerly spoke and stood for the middle-class is officially FINISHED, they are as IRRELEVANT to the times as Wall Street is relevant Main Street. 

Make no mistake though, the puppet-masters who pull the strings behind the scenes, the wealthy greedy sociopathic satanic faux-Jewish bankers hegemony, who seek to implode the U.S. & the E.U. so they can install their One World Government, they have set all of this into motion. This is all part of their clandestine anti-Godly sinister plans to usher in the age of grand deception, so they can welcome their false messiah, they Anti-Christ.

Hats off to Jimmy Dore, for nailing it on the head, how DISGUSTING and BOUGHT-OUT the DNC has become. Sad, sad… so fucking sad. 

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