Here\’s the deal folks, when you\’re the world\’s largest manufacturer and exporter of weapons, when you\’re in the business of profiting the military industrial complex, you have but one choice: to continually create conditions which favour perpetual warfare. And if your central bank is controlled by a sociopathic bankers hegemony, all your domestic and foreign policies will reflect and promote endless military interventions and black ops around the world. First, to test all your new \”cool\” state-of-the-art high-tech military gadgets. And second, to keep fattening the pockets of bankers who fund wars on both sides so you can keep the wheels of destruction turning because that\’s how the military industrial complex survives. 

  Every US administration is subject to these rules. Any president who dares to change this status quo doesn\’t live to see the end of their term. That\’s the sad harsh barbaric reality we live in. When you\’re bombing multiple countries, killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people including children, when you\’re the source creating so much devastation and an alarming refugee crisis, when you\’re exporting wars and selling BILLIONS OF DOLLARS worth of arms to countries which harbour radical ideologies, you are unmistakably the Top Sponsor of Terrorism. 

  This is not a pro-this or anti-that post. This is not a matter of opinion or perspective. This is fact-based truth, not made-up mumbo jumbo pie in the sky crap. Wish it wasn\’t so, but it is what it is. Until we face the blunt reality, and then work to understand how we got here, then we\’re doomed to keep repeating humankind\’s catastrophic history.

  Wars don\’t have to happen, they are now manufactured, they are engineered, and they are sold to the public as unselfish acts of liberation based on valour and honour, couldn\’t be farther from the truth. The repercussions and fallouts of wars are completely filtered out from our daily consumption of mass media. It is therefore not a secret that wars are tragic, that wars breed animosity and contempt, and sow seeds of anger and hatred. 

Praying for things to change and for more people to wake up. 

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