So it\’s been a couple of weeks now that Donald J. Trump has been President, and it\’s been irregular and chaotic to say the least. Whether anti-establishment people see it or not, or choose to be denial of it or not, The Donald is definitely part of the Rothchild\’s plans. 

When I refer to Rothchild, I am referring to a notorious and nefarious banking dynasty, who are \’Jews\’ only by name, and have been diligently at work for at least a century to mold the world into their image. And that image is very satanic, very sadistic, and definitely anti-Godly in every way possible.

You have to understand, and as proved in various historical documentaries posted on this site, the Rothchild have a hand in undermining the sovereignty of nations. They do so by instigating conflicts and wars, then funding both sides, whereby it gives them a way to infiltrate those nations by installing central banks which they have a control over, through which they keep nations perpetually indebted to them, through something called fractional reserve banking and fiat currency. I digress. 

How does Trump fit in all their plans? Simple. First of all, Rothchild agents are already well-entrenched within every branch of government, and especially within the administration, regardless of who is the president, i.e. their puppet. Now although Trump promised and campaigned on slogans like \’DRAIN THE SWAMP\’, as we\’ve all come to know, he has done anything but drain it, he\’s filled it to the brim. Which is EXACTLY what Rothchild and banking dynasties alike want. They want the President to be the \’fall guy\’, especially a guy like Trump who\’s not very well-polished like his predecessor was, and whom the mainstream media has been very good at framing as the \’bad guy\’ in all of this, completely neglecting the fact that it\’s the corruption within the rigged/failed political system which resulted in him being elected in the first place.

Trump is very easy to hate on, he says and does things that make people uncomfortable, he comes off as a bigot, he isn\’t charming with women or visible minorities, his only appeal is to people frustrated with the status quo and desperately wanting change. As former commander-in-chief Barack Obama proved, who campaign heavily on CHANGE, Presidents don\’t have any real power to create substantial change. 

Back to Trump, who has revealed the ugliness of politics, and to some extent, unmasked that there\’s a hidden hand controlling foreign and domestic policies, is the perfect scapegoat. Mainstream media can rally against him, subjecting him to scrutiny, which all works to the advantage of zionist banking globalists and their satanic agenda. Order out of chaos is the modus operandi of the elites. Get the masses indoctrinated to hate nationalism by vilifying patriotism, they will be more than eager to reject the notion of national identity and thus will passively even willingly accept a borderless world with a one world government, one central world bank, one global police state, completely under surveillance, micro-shipped and without any personal freedom. Our nightmare is the Rothchild banking dynasty\’s utopia. 

The more people play into the hatred of Trump, which is not too difficult considering his staunch stance on immigration and deregulation, the more people will play right into the hands of the Rothchild regime. 

I\’m not saying love Trump, or just blindly accept his backwards outdated xenophobic policies. Not at all. All I\’m saying is BE AWARE that this is all engineered by the powers that be, in order to persuade the masses to willingly accept the satanic world order. Knowing is half the battle.

Whether you identify yourself as liberal or conservative, as democrat or republican, know this: the Rothchild don\’t have any allegiance to any political party, it\’s the contrary, politicians are subservient to the elitist banking hegemony. 

We, the people of the world, who only want freedom, equality and peace, refuse to be subjugated to the Rothchild tyranny. Get Woke and STAY WOKE!


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