Although this documentary presents a very compelling case that the harsh reality of our world is that it\’s all a big fat facade, politicians have absolutely no clue what they\’re doing, and that Big Money has taken over, it neglects and completely ignores Secret Societies as well as The Bilderberg Group and The Council On Foreign Relations, which are essentially forums where international politicians, globalists, CEOs, social engineers, internet entrepreneurs, military financiers, all convene in closed-door meetings to discuss the agenda for the New World Order.

Additionally, in this documentary, the narrator scapegoats Iran and Syria for suicide bombers and links them to the origins of such fanaticism, but completely overlooks the Crusades, in which so-called \’Christians\’ would send men & children to go fight off in \’holy wars\’ on suicide missions. 

Desperation creates the worst kind of violence, and who suffers the most? Not the people on top, but we the people, regardless of faith and ethnicity, we all suffer because of the madness, greed and ignorance of the ruling class. 

Additionally, it didn\’t address The Balfour Treaty which unfairly promised Palestinian land to another group of people who are not even indigenous to that territory. Thus, sparking the never-ending strife between Palestinians and Israelis, which is a by-product of imperialism, zionism, nazism and WW2. 

In any event, I thought it was an interesting documentary. However, I wasn\’t fooled by the narrative it was trying to convey to the unsuspecting viewer who hasn\’t done their research or know their history. 

Points for effort and originality though.

and always in all wayz…..

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