CLINTON CASH [Documentary]

While corporate media is working overtime to character assassinate the big-mouth billionaire bigot Donald Trump via his decade-old misogynistic statements, they completely overlook and ignore Hillary Clinton\’s lack of ethics which sells out the people for her and her wealthy friend\’s benefits (i.e. profits).

Let\’s get this straight, Trump is no saint but at least he isn\’t trying to sell you the idea that he is. He isn\’t hiding who he really is, a racist white supremacist xenophobe. 

Hillary, on the other hand, is a two-faced she-devil with a long list of lies, deception and corruption who flip-flops on issues and has a trigger-happy war-hawk trail of foreign policy disasters. There\’s more to be said about this pitiful candidate who\’s playing the card of lesser of two evils but she could very well be worse! 

Watch and see for yourself. 

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