Are the U.S. Elections RIGGED?

Well, they\’re definitely not not rigged the way the two-party duopoly controlled by the same oligarchy is set up. 

For weeks now, Donald Trump has been ranting in his rallies how the elections are rigged, and there\’s widespread voter fraud. Lots of accusations but is there substance to his claims? 

Obviously, corporate mainstream media and the puppet-politicians are all in united upheaval in their dismissal of Trump\’s accusations. 

I\’ll just say this: The elections are rigged, but not against Trump. He\’s gotten so much FREE press and good/bad publicity from the mainstream machine, AND he was able to participate in the 3 Presidential Debates.

The elections are rigged AGAINST 3rd party candidates like Dr.Jill Stein of the Green party who BARELY got any coverage on the press AND was not allowed to participate in the televised debates (she even got arrested trying to get into the debates, that\’s CRAZY!!!), even though SHE IS A WOMAN that\’s also running for President. 

It should be a HISTORIC MONUMENTAL MOMENT in history, not one but TWO women are running for presidency of the United States of America. But all we hear about is the most corrupt candidate in history, Hillary Clinton- whom many believe is a reptilian demon (that\’s a whole other topic for another day)- being forcefully shoved down our throats. 

In any event, maybe America is not ready to think progressive… but it definitely isn\’t voting for change by choosing either of the two most distrusted and disliked candidates ever. 

I\’ll let you decide for yourself, as a consciously awakened reader of this blog, whether or not the Green Party is on point in regards to the rigging of the elections.

and always in ALL wayz….
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