EMANCIPATION [Lyrical Poetry]

Dear God, I’m speaking from the heart

Please send us a sign, we need Your spark
This world’s gotten so messed up ugly & dark
Corrupted by greedy sociopathic old farts
Satanic sun-worshippers, society of infiltration
Witnessing the dissemination of devastation
Funding both sides of any confrontation
While spreading deception and misinformation
Conspiracy theory amalgamation or truthful analytical investigation
Unbiased non-partisan objective observations
Dissect the symbolic representations
The occult mathematical mystical calculations
The scientific over religious equation
Driving agnostics and atheists to proclaim some kind of revelation
When in fact it’s tactful deceit: long-term effects of predictive programmation
Controlled opposition and the illusion of freedom of choice:
Pre-emptive democracy or occupied liberation
Gotta bring Love back to the human civilization
Gotta awake Souls to seek out spiritual salvation
Gotta raise minds to higher consciousness elevation
Calling out God’s Angels to fight these evil nations
Politicians bought by sinister corporations
Priests abusing boys, sick pedophilic organizations
ISIS sodomizing the name of God, unholy affiliations
Music Execs oversexualizing young girls on their stations
Living in the Devil’s Paradise, what an Abomination
God, we need YOU to free us from this desecration

God help us all find our way home to you, grant us Emancipation.

written by M.O.E.C.A.S.H.
All Rights Reserved.
Copyright The M.O.E.C.A.S.H. Chronicles 2016
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