Truth is, the TRUTH (what the Media WON\’T air on TV or publish in their papers) scares MOST people, it FRIGHTENS them. The idea that most of our lives, we\’ve been LIED to, and DECEIVED, is not a Comfortable thought to so many. 

You mean to tell me that there\’s more to life that studying half of our life just to become a tax-paying working-like-a-dog tool for the Elites to control and manipulate as they wish, using governments like pawns and corporations as the new slave-masters, no say it ain\’t so! It MUST be a Conspiracy, I must be CRAZY to think any of this is possibly true. But the CRAZY part is, it is TRUE. But it doesn\’t have to be Scary, and it Doesn\’t have to be Daunting. 

These are the possible emotions/symptoms people who suddenly get awakened will experience:

1) DENIAL (say it ain\’t so!) 
2) SADNESS (OMG, why is it so?!)
3) ANGER (F–K the SYSTEM!!! Try to Awaken Others)
4) FRUSTRATION (GRRRR, how can they do this to us?!)
5) ACCEPTANCE (it is so because we allowed it to be so)
6) EMPOWERMENT & GROWTH (it doesn\’t have to be so, if we change from within, we can change throughout)

When you finally get past all those, you come to terms with the Reality we\’ve had in front of us all along, yet we were either ignoring purposely or ignoring subconsciously (due to the conditioning and brainwashing \”they\” put us through). You realize that you were chosen, because of your spirit, to be a vessel of Love, Hope & Compassion onto others. You work in the Service of the Universe and its Divine source, to cast a Light into people\’s hearts and the world and break through the darkness that is trying to consume it and people\’s hearts. You no longer fear. You no longer live in denial. You\’ve made peace with the Truth, and the Truth has SET YOU FREE.

Bless, Much Love and ALWAYS in ALL WAYS,

– Man Of Entity Calling All Spiritual Humanity™

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