#Facebook #Youtube #Twitter : HASHTAG ARE WE F–KED?!

Great to see Facebook posts, Youtube videos and twitter tweets which talk about real issues that affect humanity (on a local or global level) get so few likes, shares or reposts, yet the most pointless \’crap\’ gets so much unnecessary attention.

If the universal law \”energy flows where attention goes\” is correct, I\’m getting increasingly worried about the fate of humankind. #JustSaying #AreWeFucked? 

Nonetheless, I like to keep positive, there\’s definitely been some MAJOR breakthroughs in terms of an overall awakening of people\’s higher consciousness. However, it\’s still a work in progress. While many still have NO clue what I\’m talking about, others, especially the ones who\’ve not let their ego get the best of them, can definitely catch where I\’m coming from now. 

Hashtag WAKE THE F UP.
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