FROM THE SOUL [Random Thoughts]

I\’m just a guy who believe it is possible to make a difference in the world and I genuinely pray my life will be a testimony to prove that. No, I don\’t live a \’normal\’ life. No, I\’m not married with kids yet (maybe, one day but not now, got too much to do!). And No, I don\’t want to fit in or follow the crowd (I create my own image of \”COOL\”). This one Life, such a Precious Gift from God, it flies by so fast and is too short to waste it not living it to the FULLEST. 

So haters can hate (I send them Love), but honestly, I don\’t want to be the status quo, chained to debt, enslaved to a regular job that makes a rich man richer while I pay taxes to a corrupt government that doesn\’t even serve the people. No way jose! God didn\’t put me here and bless my Soul with all this Love and Wisdom to settle for a less-than-extraordinary life. It\’s been years that I\’ve been \’struggling\’, but soon, I feel it, I KNOW IT, I envision it, soon all the blood, sweat, tears, sleepless nights, efforts, pain and heartaches will pay off. I intend to shake up people\’s spirits and WAKE UP THE WORLD, and I\’ll die trying if I have to. This is written deep from within the heart, so if you feel it within you, it\’s because you\’re awakened too. 

I LOVE TO WRITE, I love to Be Creative and allow myself to become a Vessel of Love, it is my duty and my purpose. Wooooord UP!!! and MUCH LOVE
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