English: Dr. Martin Luther King giving his &qu...
English: Dr. Martin Luther King giving his \”I Have a Dream\” speech during the March on Washington in Washington, D.C., on 28 August 1963. Español: Dr. Martin Luther King dando su discurso \”Yo tengo un sueño\” durante la Marcha sobre Washington por el trabajo y la libertad en Washington, D.C., 28 de agosto de 1963. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Don\’t mean to come across sounding negative but on this 50th Anniversary of the \’I Have a Dream\’ speech, MLK would probably be disappointed if he was still alive (God Rest His Soul). Some say his \’Dream\’ came true, because a \’Black\’ president is in office but these people are smoking some serious crack. (Have they already forgotten the Trayvon Martin case?!?!)

There\’s still SO MUCH BLATANT RACISM and DISCRIMINATION (not to mention RACIAL PROFILING) still Rampant in America, it\’s like a Disease. Not to mention, the \’Black Man\’ is more enslaved now than before. Rich maybe materially, but where is the Faith, the Spirituality, the God-fearing LOVE & Oneness that Martin Luther King\’s dream was all about?! And MLK\’s Dream wasn\’t just for \’African-Americans\’ only, it was for ALL.

Anyways, not going to overlook the progress for civil rights that have been made since that fateful day 50 years ago, but the struggle and the fight must still go on. King\’s legacy and Spirit of Peace are something we shouldn\’t remember just once or twice a year, it must happen every day.

On that note, Peace, Respect and always in ALL ways…

#MLK #IHaveADream #MLK50ThAnniversary 

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