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English: Miley Cyrus at the premiere for Hannah Montana: The Movie. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

MTV\’s Video Music Awards went down last weekend and the media mind-numbing machine as well as the web are all busy buzzing about the former child-star Disney-product all-grown-up Miley\’s \”outrageous\” performance. Like there\’s absolutely NOTHING more important for our attention than to focus on trailer park trash twerking and bringing women back 100 years. 

The fact that I\’m writing this blog about it is actually annoying as fuck but it\’s to make a point.

While all this is happening, in the background, wars rage on, psychological wars on our mind, to direct our attention and focus away from what\’s actually RELEVANT and IMPORTANT. For example, the invasion of privacy and spying on citizen of the NSA. Not to mention sentencing Chelsea (Bradley) Manning to jail. Oh, and they\’re getting ready to gear up for war in Syria. Fucked up shit is happening yet, let\’s all just party our asses off and not care about loosing our freedom and rights, while sending drones to kill innocent civilians in other nations. 

PEACE. The world needs LOVE. It needs awakened people who KNOW they can make a difference. Moreso, it needs people who don\’t allow themselves to get BRAINWASHED by all the media-hype and gossip and propaganda. 

Honestly, who the fuck cares about Miley, if her MK-Ultra Programming is making her turn into a hoe like every other child-star or female singer. We need real WOMEN to stand up, speak up and SET A POSITIVE ROLE MODEL to the young girls so they don\’t fall for this crap they see on tv. Bullshit will be around till we, the people, stop taking it!

Syria, its people, its innocent children, DESERVE and NEED our attention more than a white girl twerking and making a fool out of herself in front of the world. I send Miley Cyrus prayers, heal her from the trauma of growing up into fame (which is a hell of a drug, that has fucked up so many people who don\’t know when and where to draw the line).

Just needed to get that off my chest. There, I feel much better now. Know what matters, and what\’s just distraction. Know how to not let your attention of what is important not get side-tracked by the social media buzz. 

On that note, Peace, Much Love and always in ALL wayz…..

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