We currently live in a society that for the most part, puts more emphasis on superficiality and popularity rather than on spirituality and substance. I look and see the youth think it\’s cool to act stupid, slutty or \’gangster\’, and I\’m wondering, are parents to blame? Is media to blame? Actually, perhaps we as a Society are to blame. Not trying to generalize here, I know many wise young souls, but I guess I\’m just concerned as to where we\’re heading as a race. 

Thing is, unless we as adults give them a better example, than honestly, how will the next generation know any better?! I\’m sure our parents and grandparents probably thought and felt the same thing when we were growing up. There\’s nothing wrong with self-expression and finding who you are. I know it\’s not an easy process for kids and teens to find themselves, especially in a world that\’s constantly telling them to be blind followers, to accept the status quo, to strive to be cool so they can fit in, luring them with increasingly over-sexualized and violent images everywhere, and pumping their minds full of toxic illusions of how they\’re supposed to be. 

The desensitization of the next generation is happening right before our very eyes, and if you don\’t see it, man o\’ man, I don\’t know what else to say other than WAKE THE FUCK UP. –Pardon my harsh tone, but I feel strongly about this topic. Anyways, with that being said, maybe we should all take a moment and reflect on what we\’re doing to contribute to the youth who will be the future of humanity. What, through our actions or lack thereof, are we telling them, what are the messages we\’re sending them? Are we enabling another generation of \”sheeples\” or are we awakening them to become Pioneers who\’ll shape a better world for their kids. 

We\’re all in this together, nobody\’s perfect, I\’m not, I just see things coming and I hope that what I write shakes people\’s spirit up and empowers them to do something positive in the world.

Much Love and always in ALL ways… 
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