HIP-HOP LOVE [Lyrical Poetry]

The ones who don\’t know better say Hip-Hop is dead. 
They wrong, It breathes inspiration in my Head.
And lives strong through wisdom in my Heart,
I\’ll always have Love & Respect for this Lyrical Art. 

Take a pen and lay it down to keep your head up
All the haters can kiss my ass and Shut the Fuck Up.
So much shit happened since I last stepped in the booth
One thing will never change, M.O.E. still Reppin\’ the TRUTH

Wack Rappers destroying this beautiful culture
Behind them are greedy labels, hungry like vultures
Where would Hip-Hop be if Pac and Biggie were still alive
So gotta make sure their legacies continue to thrive

M.O.E. Calling All Spiritual Humanity, ya feel me?!
Fuck the Cash, I make it, take it and relocate it
From the pockets of the rich to the needs of the needy
Cashing in my stocks, ready to rock and make it. 

Salute to the Revolutionaries, Salute to the Pioneers
Salute to the Ones who made it possible and are no longer here.
Peace to the Legends, Peace to the Prophets
Peace to my Warriors, Cease Wars for Profits.

©2013. All Rights Reserved.

– Man Of Entity Calling All Spiritual Humanity™

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