It\’s been about a year or so since I last updated this blog, let alone published some of my thoughts. It\’s been a crazy journey of ups and downs since then but I really miss speaking my mind freely in hopes of awakening minds of those who follow and read this blog.

With that being said, I wanted to get something off my chest. 

You know what\’s really messed up about it all, people that identify themselves more with their nationality or religion than with that one indisputable fact that we ALL have in common; We\’re all part of the Human Race. We might come from different \’tribes\’, but at our core, we are the same race. (Actually, I\’m convinced there are some \’aliens\’ that live amongst us, but that\’s a whole different topic that I don\’t want to get into now) 

Anyways… It\’s fucked up that still in this day and age, people judge and discriminate others based on stereotypes and fear. Some people really need to grow up, get with the program and join us in the 21st CENTURY, we should be past racism and prejudice by now. 

Don\’t get me wrong, it\’s great to be in touch with the culture we\’re brought up in, and know our roots, especially, history. It\’s just sad that when I look at my brothers and sisters of humanity, we\’re all so divided. He\’s Lebanese, she\’s Chinese, they\’re Australian. We\’re ALL human beings for fuck\’s sake! WAKE UP. We\’re all One People. 

Maybe that\’s why I\’ve always felt like an \’outcast\’ everywhere I go, like I don\’t belong in this world. I\’m not able to associate myself to any specific nationality. I show love to my Arabian/Persian roots, but beyond that, I\’m a human amongst equals in the beautiful melting pot of humanity. If this offends you, GOOD. Means I\’m doing something right. 

On that note, felt great to write. Thanks for reading.


– Man Of Entity Calling All Spiritual Humanity™

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