Michael Jackson performing The Way You Make Me...Michael Jackson performing The Way You Make Me Feel in 1988 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)To remember the Legend, the Icon, the KING OF POP, on this 3rd anniversary of his tragic and untimely passing, today all posts will be some of my personal favorite music videos of Michael Jackson.

Although Michael is no longer with us, he\’s left a legacy behind, music that makes us move, makes us think and brings people from all over the world together. He was misunderstood. He was picked on by the media. Yet, he\’s done more good than most people will ever accomplish in their lifetime. His work with charities, with philanthropy, with bringing smiles to sick children in hospitals will always outweigh the negative image that his controllers tried to paint him as. 

His contributions to the music industry has influenced countless artists, choreographers, video producers, singers and dancers of today and for generations to come. Michael left some very big shoes, that nobody will ever be able to fill. 

His flair, his creativity, his originality, his personality, his spirit of innovation, his humanitarian soul, his out-of-this-world dance moves, his genuine smile, lit up the whole world and inspired a generation of youth.

Today, I pay respect once again to a fallen soldier, who\’s life was taken away from us too soon. Like many other true musicians and artists before and after him, he\’s made a positive impact on the world, and I\’m very honored to honor him on my blog.

Micheal, your legions of adoring fans & supporters from all over the world, know that your soul is finally resting, we miss you and thank you for all your years of pouring love into our hearts through music. Much Love to your brother, forever and always.  BLESS

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