Looking around me, all I see is chaos & catastrophe, wait— what the hell is happening to humanity, we giving up values in exchange for vanity, we killing in the name of sanity, not giving a fuck about poverty, but for me to see this and care, I\’m the one considered Crazy.\”

I\’ve been running this blog for over 5 years now. And even though it doesn\’t get mad traffic, still feel blessed to have had people from across the world wide web, take the time, stop by, read and hopefully get a healthy dose of vitamins knowledge & empowerment. Whomever was meant to read the words of wisdom & virtue I publish, whomsoever I struck a cord in their soul and possibly even awakened, that\’s the whole purpose behind my work here.

As sad as it is for me to write this but \”The M.O.E.C.A.S.H. Chronicles™\” had a really good run and its time is unfortunately coming to an end. I\’ll keep it up but it won\’t be active. Might drop a random post here and there, because God knows I\’ll always have a perspective or an opinion or a viewpoint to share.

June 2012 will be the last month that I will publish on a daily basis. Big thanks to all my readers & supporters, I appreciate your loyalty.

Much Love
and always in ALL ways…


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