My view is that LOVE is the greatest form of communication, education and connection we can allow our Spirit to experience in this short span of life we\’re given on this planet in this human form. 

It is amazing what we not only feel within our heart, but the peace it offers our mind and the elevation it provides our Spirit. Sadly, not many are fortunate to experience the fullest potentials of Love, due to insecurities caused by traumatizing events while they were growing up. 

Love breaks us free from the mold that we impose upon ourselves. Hate keeps us caged in the prison of fear, of prejudice, of discrimination, of racism, and so on. Love heals and builds, hatred destroys and inflicts harm. Love shows mercy, hatred doesn\’t. Love is like fresh clean air for our Spirit, hatred is pollution for our entire being. 

The premise behind our creation is that we\’re here to create more love, whether you believe in a Divine Creator or not, love is the moral compass which guides our faith & spirituality towards the greater good of all, as well as of ourselves and of our close ones.

In any given situation, we are faced with choices. Though it\’s not the most obvious when we are angry or frustrated, it\’s easier to shout insults, than to bite our tongue and say a prayer under our breathe to help calm us down. But, throwing hurtful words around only motivates karma to come back and bite you when you least expect it. Yes it\’s not easy, but always be kind, only when necessary than we can be firm and use a more assertive tone to deal with a difficult person or situation.

Let LOVE rule your Spirit, it breeds an attitude of gratitude, where everything we touch, smell, feel, experience, taste and  learn give our life depth, meaning and purpose. 

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