We have the gift of healing, ourselves and others. It is found in our soul, when we tune into it, and raise our own conscious frequency higher, we can then channel that energy, which comes from the source, the source is God, God is Love, and through that Love, which is the Highest form of Energy/Frequency, we do so much wonders around the world… But, it all starts from Within. 

There lies treasure we keep locked inside us at all times. Some take the road of enlightenment, through which they discover themselves, their true purpose in life on this planet in this temporary existence as a Spirit inhabiting a flesh body. 

Our spirit, however, resides not in this realm nor this time, it is a free-flowing being made up of energy, and like all energy, it can serve a lower or higher purpose. The lower purposes drain our Spirit of its light, which is its essence, the pure light that comes from the Source of the Universe, Divine Consciousness a.k.a. God. The higher purposes elevate our Spirit higher, beyond the physical limitations of the body, beyond the self-imposed constraints of the mind, and into the realm of God-Consciousness. We are not God, but we hold a piece of God within us, what we do with that piece, determines our destiny. 

Tibetan endless knot Nederlands: Tibetaanse On...Tibetan endless knot Nederlands: Tibetaanse Oneindige knoop (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You can refuse the existence of a Greater Higher Supremely Intelligent Creator, or you can come to terms and accept that as a indisputable truth. The future is a realm of possibilities, which have yet to materialize, and only do so, based on the decisions and actions we take in the present. You\’ve been given a set of tools to carry your Spirit\’s energy frequency higher, but, what blocks most people, is the element of fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of believing in something they cannot physically see, touch, smell, taste, feel and hear. 

Yet, God\’s existence is proven all around us and within us… Complex algorithms and mathematical formulas make up our DNA and the Universe. Science was created by God, he is the writer, the composer, the author of our gene codes, of the order of the solar systems as well as the functioning of our body\’s organs. 

But I\’m not here to convince anyone who doesn\’t believe, because that is a choice we all make. Just simply to point out some facts, and share my own observations. 

One thing I pray and hope for, is for humanity to rise above the lower frequency of energy that drains and depletes us of our beautiful nature. Which is to breed more LOVE into this world. And one can only breed more Love is they keep Love in their Spirit, in their Heart, in their Conscience. When we do so, we not only demonstrate our true essence, but we reflect God\’s infinitely beautiful grace… 

written by Mohammad S. (Moe Love / The Love Frequency) a.k.a. M.O.E.C.A.S.H.™
All Rights Reserved.

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