Responsibility and confidence

Responsibility and confidence go hand in hand. Only when you are willing to be fully responsible for your life can you be truly confident in your efforts.

Without responsibility, you might be able to project some degree of self assurance through arrogance. Yet it will lack the power of true confidence.

When you’re unwilling to take full responsibility for your own life, think of the message that sends. In effect, you’re telling yourself you’re not good enough, and that’s devastating for your confidence.

You are indeed good enough, and capable of rock solid confidence. The way to connect with and strengthen that confidence is through responsibility.

Don’t blame your bad fortune on others, or expect others to supply you with good fortune. Enthusiastically embrace complete responsibility for the quality of your life.

Embrace responsibility and your confidence will soar. Embrace responsibility and confidently live life on your own very best terms.

— Ralph Marston

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