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When you\’re going through hell, you\’re too in pain to realize that you\’re a prisoner of your own thoughts, and only you can set yourself free, by making peace and letting go of the past, giving yourself and the wound time to heal. The important message here is: \”Unless you change your thoughts, you cannot change your behavior.\”

We often make our own lives hell because we\’re too stubborn to learn a valuable lesson that the Universe is patiently trying to teach us. Once we just acknowledge that living through hell is not permanent and can be changed, than we empower ourselves with confidence and courage to take the appropriate action(s). 

Heaven is there, awaiting us, but it is also found from within, once we reach a point of inner-peace, even in the face of adversity, faith is wings that carries us over our struggles, though the road ahead is not clear or visible, we know we\’re going to make it…. 

I pray that whomever is dealing with any ordeal, seeks from within and taps into the glorious grace of God, and because God is Love, finds hope and strength to carry on, through the Love that God constantly pours down, even though He tests us, he does so because He believes in us, all we need to do is keep faith and believe in Him too, He\’ll never lead us astray…. 

Much Love and Maximum Blessingz

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