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Within the stillness of our Soul, we find the voice of our Higher-Self, the ego-less Spirit of Intuitive Intellectual Intelligence. To heal deep emotional wounds, one must re-enter the pain and flush it out, through the strengthening as well as realignment of our chakras. 

These things, which are crucial, are not taught in our system of education, simply because it would free too many people\’s minds from the system itself, which by design is meant to limit us to think within parameters of \’fear of the unknown\’, the so-called \’box\’ most people can\’t seem to go beyond of.

While fear inflicts paralysis, Faith has the exact opposite effect, it enables growth, evolution, development and progress. In meditation, you reconnect with your Higher-Self, in Prayer, you reconnect with the Divine Source (call it God if you will). At the present time, many people dwell in the realms of fear or denial, yet they do not know, let alone acknowledge the tremendous potentials they hold within. We have gifts, consciously awakened souls are aware of them and utilize them for good. Others, completely unaware of this precious present they keep, it lays dormant, what a shame.

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