Spread the love and peace.Spread the love and peace.
So humbled and honored when I talk to people and they tell me how much they appreciate all the positive enlightening virtues I post, showing support and encouraging me to keep on doing what I do. It feels really good to know. Hopefully, it\’ll inspire others to create and Spread Love to their lil\’ corners of the world. 

Honestly, one of the Highest buzzes I get is knowing I\’ve somehow struck a cord in someone\’s heart, and awakened their soul to a higher purpose, to know all that wisdom God continually blesses my mind with has a positive impact on someone out there, that they feel uplifted or empowered or inspired or all of above, now THAT\’S the best HIGH I can ever experience, and it\’s all natural, baby. 

Who needs anti-depressants when making others feel good makes you feel so much better. Just Sayin\’. 

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