The only riches I seek, is the one of health, of hope, of compassion, of love, of wisdom, of faith, of spirituality, of knowledge, of awakened consciousness, of kindness, or courage, of patience, of humility. 

Materialistic riches, ones based out of ego & vanity, only limit my joy to temporary periods of satisfaction. True happiness is not found in things, it is found in our ability to disconnect from our attachment to things. 

We are not our homes, our cars, our clothes, we\’re told that\’s what we have to strive for, but it\’s all intended to misguide us into our own entrapment. Freedom is knowing that none of those things define us, it is our character through difficult times that does. 

Thrive not through material possessions, thrive in enriching your mind with knowledge, your soul with wisdom and your heart with light & love. 

No, it doesn\’t make us better or more perfect, but it releases us from our ego, and connects us to our Higher-Conscious-Spiritual-Self.

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