We live in a society that WORSHIPS idols, so much so, that speaking against any of the illuminati-puppets in the music industry or hollywood, they\’ll lash out at you, or take it personally and get offended, like you were dissing their mom or something. 

Thus is the sheep-herd mentality our society has been indoctrinated into. Just the blind blindly following the blind, into the mental-enslavement and spiritual slaughter. They question GOD who\’s perfect but don\’t question hidden motives of fame-obsessed-possessed stars. 

This is a diagnosis, feel free to disagree, but it won\’t change how messed up the world is. The people that are soooo afraid to face the truth of the harsh reality we live, are usually the ones who\’s faith is either very low or not even there in the first place. And I ain\’t hating on them, it is what it is. They\’ll probably hate on me for saying it. I ain\’t perfect but at least I\’m not the one being fooled by illusions. And that doesn\’t make me better, it just makes me AWAKENED.

Oh and just because you like a specific celebrity, doesn\’t automatically make them a \’Saint\’, which many sheeples tend to associate them with. Try waking somebody up about the shadiness of the music industry or hollywood, and they\’ll think you\’re crazy. But are we really the crazy ones who\’re living in faith and not afraid to see things as they really are, without letting media brainwashes into believing their lies… ? I guess so. But I\’d rather be CRAZY and know the Truth, than be \’normal\’ and keep believing in bullshit. But that\’s just me. If you agree, than join the club.

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