A friend of mine posted this up as her Facebook status, it\’s nothing but Real-Talk all the way so I had to publish it here for more people to read it. Thank you Dina for sharing your thoughts, I hope more and more people continue to wake up from the \’hypnosis\’ they don\’t know that they\’re under, and truly see beyond the false appearance of things. BLESS.

\”The so-called \”arab spring\” was not a miraculous wave of inspiration that took over the entire region… It was a tactical plan… a Hidden Agenda. By the elite groups that control the world and are trying to control the entire world… You want to call them: the illuminati, the masons, the world-leaders, \”them\”… Whatever and whoever they are, its done on purpose, timed impeccably and calculated.

You can watch: the arrivals, zeitgeist, illuminati videos on youtube, read wiki-leaks, have citations, quotes, links, journals and websites… Or not. But the fact is, its true, its happening and its very real. Once you get \”enlightened\”, and start to do research and read and watch and listen etc… it becomes so obvious, so monstrous and so, so overwhelming that you have to just put it down and let it be. There are powers in this world far greater than the average joe, and in my opinion, its best to be the best person you can be, be kind, have empathy, have high standards in morals and values and be a good person; don\’t be greedy, because greed is what drives evil, be kind to the planet, because the environment suffers as a result of the evil doings… Be aware and share knowledge… and good day\”

-written by Dina K.

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